Future of Bitcoin

Future of Bitcoin

No one can see the future, but when it is the matter of your money and finance issues then you
would be keen to know its future. Though, very few people buy or sell things by using Bitcoin. It
is known as the very first decentralized currency. You will be amazed to know that
cryptocurrencies have current market cap of $425 million and among them, Bitcoin is the
largest with $157bn.

What investors think about it?

Plenty of questions would be running around in minds of investors like Bitcoin will endure in
near future or there are chances for emergence of other cryptocurrencies. Still, Bitcoin has the
upper hand as it has earned a widespread recognition because it was the first mover. There are
plenty of big names now who accept Bitcoins and to name some are Overstock, Expedia and

What will be future of Bitcoin?

Ex-chief of JP Morgan Mr. Tom Lee believed that Bitcoin will touch $25000 by mid of 2018. The
year is about to finish and yet Bitcoin hasn’t touched that mark though. According to experts,
Bitcoin has a brighter future ahead in comparison to other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, EOS,
Ripple, and Ethereum etc.

If you are about to consider Bitcoin, then you need to assess it from all points. If you hear
industry experts, then they are seeing a rising future of Bitcoins. But you should also consider
personal preferences and comfort as well. Along with that, you need to remember that experts
have predicted bright future of Bitcoin and it is not certain by any mean.
Bitcoin has earned its name among different cryptocurrencies since its emergence in 2009. It
provides you the freedom to experience a new face of decentralized currency, if you wish to
experience that freedom, Bitcoin is the right option for you.

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