Fake Elon Musk Accounts on Twitter Promote Bitcoin Scams, One Collects $170K

A number of popular verified accounts of Twitter have hacked to impersonate and promote Elon Musk on Nov. 6. Reportedly one collected almost $170,000.

After hacking verified accounts by scammers, they have changed the profile picture and name to impersonate Tesla boss. Hackers uploaded the images to pose as the Elon Musk. They gave the impression of legitimacy by it. Mr. Musk was leading the biggest crypto-giveaway for those who use Bitcoin, said by some scam tweets.

To kill Twitter’s security, hackers delicately altered character’s name while still keeping a show name that looked to be “Elon Musk” at a glance, precluding Twitter from automatically flagging the account.

According to reports, scammers negotiated numerous accounts, including U.S. politician FrankPallone Jr and film production firm Pathe U.K.

According to the reports of Lachlan Markay a Daily Beast reporter, Pallone’s campaign sources confirmed the news of hacking of accounts, albeit without any political goals saying, “Just looks like a Bitcoin Scam.”

If you fall for this, you deserve to be scammed tbh pic.twitter.com/RKjd90UsBt

— A source close to Lachlan Markay (@lachlan) November 5, 2018

He added that one of the BTC wallets used in the tricks got $158,256 and that the money is still coming. Now, the address mentioned to by Markay had a balance of 26.38 BTC ($168,930).

Later, Pathe U.K. confirmed that it had recovered the account and removed the Elon Musk’s fake tweets. In April, Pavel Duroy, CEO of Telegram tweeted, he told his followers that the application experienced downtime because of its server clusters overheating. His tweet gave attention to fake crypto scammers, who claimed to offer crypto to users as a “thank you for their support.” In September, Mr. Musk asked Jackson Palmer, Dogecoin (DOGE) creator, to help him fight  frustrating crypto hackers on Twitter. After some time, Jackson Palmer sent Mr. Musk a script that could supposedly give the solution.

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